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Agora is a place of gathering; and like a pack, we must gather. United we stand, divided we perish.

    Agora and Her goal.

    Lady Kylheiv

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    Agora and Her goal.

    Post by Lady Kylheiv on Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:52 am

    Welcome guests and possible future members,
    I first would like to personally welcome you to the official website of Agora. If you're joining the pack and registering, I humbly applaud you on your choice of role-plays this morning, afternoon, or night. If you wish to join, please whisper the user Kylheiv on Feral Heart.

    - Kylheiv Leyanette, Lady of Agora

    Agora is a mapless plotted, and literate role-play that has premonitions of having a mapped option added to it as well later down the road. Downloading the map will be optional to everyone in the pack.
    When it comes to semi-realism, it's a very general term in my opinion. It could allude to pelt colors, certain powers, or even the type of role-play it could be. Trust me, I've seen many versions of 'semi-realism' in Feral Heart. In Agora, Semi-realism, for us, means how realistic our role-play plot would be. More would be explained if you indeed join.
    In addition, we are a multi-species pack, species created by myself.
    And as for a fair warning, we are a mature role-play. There will be violence, sexual innuendos, references to religion, and more.

    Lastly is Agora's goal.
    Agora as been made for people with ravenous desires to role-play. A pack where I can bring back how Feral Heart packs were before back when they were, no offense, better. I do not aim for popularity. I do not aim for power. I do not aim for large numbers. I do not want to be defined as a pack with "over x amount of members." And I will not demand for your respect; I want to earn it. I want to be defined as a pack banding together for sake of making role-play great again. I want to create a pack that does not need a leader to be be logged for hours everyday, taking time out of there, just to make sure members stay active. Without a pack standing behind a leader, a leader is nothing. I take roleplaying seriously and I hope you do to.


    ~Kylheiv Leynatte, your Lady of Agora.

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